Mission Statements


Modern commercial and domestic baking methods use food chemical to produce foods (inclusive of baked products like cakes, bread, biscuits, pastries etc.) that project the image of ‘beauty’ and ‘refined’. Little did we know that such foods are not only being contaminated with artificial colouring, artificial flavouring, synthetically produced preservatives, they are also being incorporated with artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers, improvers, softener to make the baked products more appealing and having a longer shelf lives.

Some housewives may consider home bake to be healthier. It is only healthier with the correct selection of recipes, ingredients and correct baking techniques, the proper storage of ingredients before and after baking is also vital to our health.

In short our intake of such chemicals may well be the cause of the suffering of many people which manifests as the modern illness and ‘chronic disease’ that are so commonly experienced today.

healthycake.net is established to provide to the general consumers an avenue to taste pastry products that is free from adding additional food chemical as stipulated.

We may have our limitation due to the ingredients available or existing in the market, we would persevere in giving you pastry products using as much authentic ingredients as possible. To name a few, we are using fresh durian, fresh strawberries, fresh mangos, etc. Even the eggs we use is through careful selection of the freshest eggs available to us.

We are forever conscious of the hygienic factor and are baking in a clean and conducive home environment, clean utensils, proper storage of ingredients, etc. to ensure our aims and your health are met.

Everyday, we are committed to make our cakes and pastries healthier through the selection of ingredients, correct food preparation method and proper storage.

Even through we are making every effort to make the pastries products healthier, we only encourage a controlled intake. The main point is to celebrate life and the special occasion through tasting the best quality cakes and pastries without over consuming it.

And we hope, with your support, we would work harder to create and to present to you pastry products that will enrich your every intake of confectionery products.